Brandon Scales


Story teller living and working out of Hollywood, California. Educated in the classic styles of journalism, truth and exploration are the lifeblood of my workflow.

I tend to people watch. Im not sure if I'm looking to understand something particular or its just interesting to me. Exploring why people act and react the way they do. How we all interact with each other and our modern social situations, not to mention wild stigmas. Attempting to make sense of sustainability on this planet. Thriving, ideally, whilst working to benefit ourselves as well as mother nature.

Still photography works similarly to my natural thinking process. Its intuitive, honest and non biased, not that I always am. I don't speak more than one language and I don't do much traveling. In today's world communication, photos allow me to participate in discussions and actions where my actual communicative abilities may typically limit me. Hopefully these images speak to you.



Style: never before seen photos and a short blurb about personal style.

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